Cats and Dogs Living Together

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January 20, 2019
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Cats and Dogs Living Together

When thinking about having both a cat and a dog under one roof, there is always the worry about them getting along and if they can be left to get along with each other.

You could be experiencing any of the many different scenarios; you have a cat and are thinking about adding a hound to your home, or you have a dog and are tempted to add that cute tabby to your household or maybe you currently have neither so will add both! It is possible to have a happy home with cats and dogs living together peacefully and sometimes even becoming friends.

Here are some important tips and hints on cats and dogs living together:

• A puppy raised with cats becomes used to cats and a kitten raised with dogs becomes used to dogs, this can lead to friendship early on.
• If your dog is highly predatory you may encounter problems with his relationship towards cats. Certain breeds such as; hunting breeds, terriers and pit bulls have a drive that makes them want to chase small animals who move fast, such as cats. With breed types such as those extra training and patience will be required.
• Ensure that your cat has his own space as this is important. He needs his own areas or hiding spaces where he can slope off to and have that added feeling of security. Cat trees are a good example of a safe place for the cat to relax to avoid any potential confrontations, or if he feels he needs to escape from your dog.
• Bring your dog and cat together for small periods of time, at certain points of the day, while you supervise and hold onto both of them to let them get used to each other. If there is any sign of aggression stop the meeting and try again another time.
• Do not leave a dog and cat together that are not used to each other as a fight could break out between them and they could get bitten, scratched or injured, and it could also mentally scar the victim, which will not help your cat and dog get on in the long term.
• If your dog is wanting to chase your cat, you will need to train him to get him out of the habit, if your dog darts towards your cat, you should say ‘no’ and make him ‘sit’, every time he sits and leaves you cat alone, you should praise him and continue this exercise until he understands not to chase your cat.
• Another important tip is to; feed your dog and cat in separate areas but at the same time, this is to avoid any fall outs over food and you can even put the cat’s food higher up, so that Fido can’t get to it.

So as you can see it is possible to have cats and dogs living together, either solely with acceptance or even peace and harmony between the two animals, all you need is to spend some time and with a bit of work and training you can all live together happily. So the saying “fight like cats and dogs” is not always the case.

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